Hello, authors, agents and publishing houses! I would love to read your book. Please note the following:

Friend of Dorothy Wilde primarily reads and reviews lesbian / sapphic / queer / wlw/ f/f  content. This blog supports trans liberation and trans women characters and authors are most certainly welcome here.

Accepting your book is not a guarantee of a review, but I will do my best to review all books received that are on theme or otherwise would hold my readers' interest. 

Friend of Dorothy Wilde is primarily interested in genre fiction (fantasy and scifi), historical fiction, weird genre-bending stories, and contemporary fiction. We enjoy relationships and romances across the allosexual and asexual spectrum. We especially like magical realism, steampunk, and stories about monster girls. 

Friend of Dorothy Wilde provides content warnings to its readers upon request.

Still interested? Drop me a line at friendofdorothywilde@gmail.com and tell me about your book! I'll let you know if it's a good fit for the blog.