Waiting on Wednesday: Toyetica by Marty LeGrow

Waiting on Wednesday is hosted by Breaking the Spine! Today we're getting a bit literal--as the waiting I am doing is just until I get home. This one's YA plus tiny worlds plus toy drama, which is, of course, Rie catnip.

n the world of Toyetica, a tiny race of humanoids called Bittles jockeys for its place in the world alongside humans. Luckily, there’s always steady employment as models for children’s toys! At Dollington Academy, young Bittles go to school to hone their toy theme, choose their accessories and prove to toy companies that they’re the most marketable, lovable and toyetic of them all. Whether it’s as an action figure, fashion doll or The Next Big Thing, for these young students, the race to the toy store is on!

You can order Toyetica #1  today through your local comic book shop, at the publisher website, and at Comixology. Marty LeGrow runs an awesome tumblr with all kinds of behind-the-scenes info, and, most thrillingly, blogged about her experience as a birthday party princess.