Waiting on Wednesday Less Than Three Press Edition: Walking on Knives by Maya Chhabra and Beast by Rachel Frank

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Today I wanted to give a heads up on a couple titles from the always-delightful Less Than Three Press. If you're not acquainted, LT3 Press is all about "great romance, with high-quality, well-edited stories that are also affordable, engaging, and always come with that famous happy end"--all things we love at FODW, of course!

The little mermaid has no idea that as she makes her way on land, she’s being watched over by the sister of the very witch with whom she made her bargain. She has no idea that the witch’s sister is falling in love with her.

When the prince decides to marry another woman, the little mermaid’s secret helper offers her a chance to live. But the price may be too high...

Walking on Knives will be out July 25, 2017.

After Safiya is found guilty of witchcraft, she is brought into the forest as a sacrifice for the local dragon. But instead of a fierce and terrifying dragon, Safiya meets Iseult, a gentle and intelligent creature, and the knight Diadrane, the first woman knight Safiya has ever met. Helpful and kind, the dragon and knight invite Safiya back to their home.

But come the morning, nothing is what it seems, and it is Iseult and Diadrane who will pay the ultimate price...

Beast will be available for purchase on August 15 2017.