Happy Winter Solstice with Dorothy Wilde

Happy solstice, my friends! The days will get longer and the reads will grow more plentiful, if my 2017 TBR pile is anything to go by. I've been collecting some really wonderful links to celebrate this turning of the wheel of the year, and would love to share them with you:


Leah Moon has a beautiful Winter Solstice Ritual to get the 411 on the upcoming year at her blog. I read my tarot mostly by intuition (and to be real, their Little White Books), but I've heard nothing but amazing things about 78 Degrees of Wisdom by Rachel Pollack. 

In Sarah Ban Breathnach's Romancing the Ordinary, there's a recipe for a tangerine-and-sake bath. Per kitchn, yuzu sounds like an amazing citrus to add as well. 

As an inveterate tea drinker, next holiday I count down for will come with a tea-a-day like this how-to from Craft and Creativity. (as as a tea obsessive, it would make a fabulous gift as well). Appropriate reads? The Tea Shop Mysteries, the Alice's Tea Cup cookbook, and if we're dreaming, the complete works of Angel Adoree.


Jailbreaking the Goddess is one of my favorite nonfiction reads from 2016, and a huge inspiration for my current spiritual practice. Don't worry about the word radical in there--it's a truly radical, inclusive guide and manifesto. I even got to interview the author for Autostraddle.com's Witch Hunt column! The companion workbook is out now, and I look forward to filling it out in 2017.

Molly Roberts--aka HerSpeak--is another favorite witchy vlogger and artist, and I've watched and loved all her videos. She has the most beautiful meditations which can be streamed here at her Bandcamp

A maximalist at heart, I have to keep things simple for the hoard of kitties making their home at Kitty Hall this solstice. (Two permanent, two foster, all heart.) The very simplest of moon phase ornaments from Alice and Lois's diy tutorial would be perfect. Most mad and moonly is one of my favorite scifi decopunk reads of 2016, Radiance by Catherynne Valente. 

And my favorite holiday story of all? "The Star" from the exquisite The Van Gogh Cafe by Cynthia Rylant.

Happy solstice, readers!