What I'm Reading: Solstice Edition

Happy solstice, my readers! The days will soon grow long again, but here are some of my reads, perfect for long dark, chill nights. Shorter review schedule this week due to this little foster angel:

His name is McNugget

His name is McNugget

Steampunk that's not just limited to Victorian England? I'm in! Alchemiya by Katey Hawthorne has alchemy, family intrigue, marriage with secrets and the rest of the world. I dig it!

The Reapers, orphans, rising memories and secrets abound in S.E. Diemer's Twixt, a dark fairy tale for wuthering nights. 


Tam Lin is one of my favorite Child Ballads (when retold), and a new Kayla Bashe is always something to look forward to--here's With Roses in Their Hair.


Shapeshifters and myth and an ace heroine! Can't wait to start The Beast of Callaire by Saruuh Kelsey.