Love Beyond Body, Space and Time: An Indigenous LGBT Sci-Fi Anthology (edited by Hope Nicholson)

A beautiful and necessary book. Hope Nicholson, in her editors' intro, says: 

"Stories, when they're told, have an enormous opportunity to connect people, to bind hearts and minds and stories, to make one feel like they're not alone. I strongly believe in this."

As an anthology, I believe every reader will find something to connect with. As I believe firmly in letting the authors words speak for themselves, let me quote my favorites, the heartwarming “Né łe!" by Darcie Little Badger (dogs and wlw and new hope in space!):

"Could I manage the first animal clinic on Mars? Support a burgeoning pet population? First dogs and then cats and then potbellied pigs! Goats, bison, passenger pigeons: dense flocks migrating through engineered skies. I'd build a paradise, one better than the home I lost as a child,"

And the transcendent "The Boys Who Became the Hummingbirds" by Daniel Heath Justice:

"So they darted to those whose hearts beat strongest, streaks of blinding bright grace, calling to them in soft voices, sharing stories of possibility beyond the grim dust of what was to be a hopeful possibility of what could be. And some of their kindred responded to the long-awaited call, body changing to echo spirit, becoming more themselves than they had darted imagine, rising up and out of shame to join the Hummingbird Boys...."

If you love speculative fiction, absolutely add to your collection.

Love Beyond Body, Space, and Time: Goodreads, Amazon

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