Waiting on....Friday: A&B by J.C. Lillis

Y'all. I can't. No, you don't understand. I really can't.

J.C. Lillis, author of two of my favorite YA novels in the history of ever, How to Repair a Mechanical Heart (THE most accurate portrayal of fandom I have seen in fiction) and We Won't Feel a Thing (Wes Anderson for kids. But so good, and so quirky, and so hopeful.)

J.C. Lillis has a new book coming out, and it's F/F, and it sounds utterly amazing: 

Eighteen-year-old Barrie Krumholtz is a super-tall optimist hell-bent on a single goal: securing a slot on Pop University, a reality show for singer-songwriters helmed by her #1 musical idol. When she humiliates herself on national TV and loses a spot in the finals to smug balladeer Ava Alvarez, the door to Barrie’s well-hidden dark side swings open. Never a quitter, she uses her bitter envy of Ava to shape a bold new artistic direction, and people love it. But when Ava ropes her into a secret collaboration, it sparks feelings neither girl expected—feelings that might threaten their creative identities and distract them from their professional goals.
Can love and ambition live side by side? Is happiness an art-killer? They’ll figure it out with the help of a blue guitar named Fernando, a keyboard named Rosalinda, and a few new friends who feel like home.
(Rated R for Rivalry, Romance, and Really Neat Subplot featuring Brandon and Abel from How to Repair a Mechanical Heart.)

I don't have a release date yet, but what I do have is a Goodreads link and these teasers, created by the author:


If you want to check out the books that make my black and shriveled heart and ancient withered behind squeal like a teenybopper, How to Repair a Mechanical Heart and We Won't Feel a Thing are both wonderful and both very worth the read if you like any of the following:

  • Fangirl rampages
  • Mad scientists
  • Believable romance
  • Sly winks at YA tropes
  • Tons of heart
  • and maybe some fascinating villains?

Get it? Got it? Good. See you on the other side of the pre-order. :D