What do you say about a girl attempting Nanowrimo, two photo challenges, and a blog launch in November 2016?

You say, well, that's Rie.

Welcome and hello! Pretty much my favorite thing in the world is books about girls loving girls, and I want to share those books with you. My name is Rie Selavy, and as long as I've been reading (29 years), I've had my nose in a book and my heart in the city. I've got a couple of cats, a To Be Read list a mile long, and plenty of ambition.

This is a blog about books, the people who read them and the people who read them. I don't take myself very seriously and neither should you. I do, however, take my readers and their needs very seriously. No bullshit, no drama, just good reads and other fun stuff. 

Want to collaborate on a post? Know a hot novel about the drop? Want to call me out? Reach out to friendofdorothywilde@gmail.com and let me know what's up. We're also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and I'll be updating pretty frequently with news and noteworthy things. 

Welcome readers! I hope we have an excellent time together.